Greetings of Prime Minister Dr. Hani Al - Mulqi on Easter
His Eminence Metropolite Venedictus welcomed some official persons at the Diocese in a friendly iftar table in order to highlight and express the good
خدمة القداس الالهي - الصويفية
On Tuesday 3rd June 2014 , H..E Metropolite Venedictus received H.E. Prime Minister Georges Papandrio at the Diocese yesterday accompanied by H.E. Ambassador of Greece in Jordan , H.E. Mr. Samir Kawar , H.E.
H.E. Metropolite Venedictus received yesterday at Saint John the Batptist Monastery HE Engineer Abdel Hadi El Majali the Former House Speaker , who
On Monday afternoon 3/2/2014 , H.E. Metropolite Venedictus together with Archmandrite Nectarius received the extinguished lady the Queen Rania’s Abdallah Mother accompanied by the Prime Minister’s wife , the Director of General Intelligence’s
On this blessed day as all Jordanians celebrating King Abdallah Bin Al Hussein Birthday may God Bless him . I hereby express to His Majesty heartiest congratulations
Archbishop Krisostamos Metropolite of Zodonis upon an extended invitation by the Tourism Promotion Authority of Jordan , visited the Greek Embassy in Amman accompanied by H.E. Metropolite
His Eminence Metropolite Venedictus welcomed at Princess Alia Airport yesterday His Eminence Metropolite Khrisostamos Bishop of Zodonis accompanied by
His Eminence Metropolite Venedictus presided the Holy Mass Service for the following Sunday of Ephiphany of the Lord at Saints Costantine & Helena church in
The Orthodox Church in Jordan celebrated the Epiphany on Friday 17/1/2014 at the Saint John the Baptist Monastery , Jordan River with the participation of a great number of Orthodox Parishioners from all over the Kingdom and the Respectable Fathers of the Orthodox Church presided by H.E. Metropolite Vendictus , the Archbishop of Bella Philomenos Makhamreh and the chanters .